lördag 15 januari 2022

Red Aurora in moonlight

 My sons friend calls and tell me there is a Aurora show outside. It started with some green colors and the bow in the north. Later on the activity gets stronger. From the bow pillars starts to move and getting higher in the sky with some colors. Getting back home and looked from my backyard I witnessed one of the strongest red colors I´ve seen, dark red easily seen despite moonlight! 

fredag 11 juni 2021

Partial Solar Eclipse part 2

 Another shot taken 12.51 local time, the big filament is now behind the moon and the shadow is close to sunspot 2832. Orion 80ED, x2,5 Tele Vue Powermate, Canon Digital Rebel XT Hutech modified, expo 1/125s iso 100. This shot also shows the great prominence at the limb down right.

torsdag 10 juni 2021

Partial Solar eclipse

 Thin clouds arrived but I manage to take som photos from the backyard. I actually used my old Canon Digital Rebel XT today, my very first digital astro camera, still going strong. Amazing to see the moon moving across the suns surface and to see a

great prominence, filament, sunspots and active regions.