söndag 1 juli 2018

Conjunction and NLC

A very nice sight indeed tonight when the moon and planet Mars came together and at the same time Noctilucent clouds.

måndag 19 mars 2018

Conjunction between Moon, Venus and Mercury

A beautiful sight after sunset tonight. It took a little while for me to find Mercury but Venus - wow how bright!

tisdag 17 oktober 2017

Photo assignments

Doing another photo assignment for the swedish TV. A big project coming up about Sapmi and the Same people. I´ve been doing some work in this project for several years now, really great! My part is timelapses at night, of course with the nightsky, Milkyway and Aurora Borealis.
When you see timelapses of the nightsky there is alot of work behind it. So much must work perfectly during several hours but the final film maybe is around 10-15s. I´ve been doing nightsky photography since 1997 and it is special, especially timelapses with Dolly wich I´m working with. I submit a couple photos from my latest trip, a little peak what´s coming up as timelapses at the TV later on. These are single frames of several hundres of frames creating a timelapse.
Well, I´ve been working with this kind of photography for a long time, when I started I used analog 35mm film, not so many were doing this kind of photography back then, I´ve tried not being a copycat, believe in doing my own style and work, today it is different with all new cameras out there..