lördagen den 12:e april 2014

Northern lights in Vallentuna 30km north of Stockholm

A lovely display of Aurora Borealis this morning in Vallentuna Sweden, despite moonlight and a location far south. Canon 6D and 24mm/15mmSigma
Och som vanligt blir bilderna alldeles for ljusa i Blogger...

lördagen den 29:e mars 2014

Lovely scenery with faint Aurora

I´ve tried to contact Google about the problems publishing photos here, they totally destroys the photos with their automatic settings!!

So to see all the new photos please visit: New photos

Another clear and nice night, this time with faint Aurora Borealis. Me and my father went out for another photosession to take TWAN-style photos. The best thing being a TWAN photographer is all the nice moments and locations you sometime finds.
This time by a calm lake with old oaks nearby, a feeling of a Tolkien scenery.