söndag 14 september 2014

Aurora friday

Very nice Aurora Borealis display in Uppsala Sweden last friday. Two CME hit the atmosphere and created some nice Northern lights as far south as Uppsala.
We were standing on Kings Hills from the time of the vikings.

måndag 1 september 2014

Family stargazing and comet meet nebula

Clear nights at the cabin by the river. A great night with campfire and the starry sky above. The same night comet Jacques met the great nebula IC1396 in the sky, of course far away from each other in space. Also faint Aurora Borealis in the north but a very nice Milkyway in the sky.

onsdag 27 augusti 2014


It was a long time ago I tried to photograph M27 a planetary nebula.
I used my old C11 @ 2800mm and a modded Canon 600D.