lördag 15 augusti 2015

Perseid Meteorshower 2015 and Starry sky photos

Staying at the beautiful island of Gotland Sweden on vacation with my family. Of course we stayed during the Perseids which were taking place during great conditions with no moonlight. We choose the location at Holmhällar ancient coralreef called Raukar just by the ocean with dark sky in the south. One night we counted around 200 meteors during 2,5 hours. The Milkyway looked like a long cloud in the nightsky and amazing many stars. Me and my son Olle saw a Bolid too, low in the north like a firework in the sky, green and fragments falling behind - Beautiful!!
Of course I went around in the night photographing the starry sky too, one night the airglow were amazing, we saw the green colors!
And back home in Vallentuna with lightpolluted skies I captured another Perseid last night above Carpe Noctem Observatory

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