måndag 21 december 2015

Intense display of Northern lights

What a strong display of Aurora Borealis that occured around 01.00 local time tonight! Despite moonlight and citylight the colors and pillars with movement all the way up in zenith was amazing!! So beautiful! Only 30km north of Stockholm..

söndag 13 december 2015

tisdag 8 december 2015

Comet Catalina with moon and Venus

Like a celestial triangle the crescent moon with earthshine, planet Venus and the little green dot comet Catalina showed up early this morning. I went out 04.40 local time to witness this but I couldnt see the comet, it is around magntitude 6 at the moment, I didnt try with binoculars either, which is possible to see it. Well, anyway, a nice way to start the day..