söndag 30 augusti 2015

Yesterdays fullmoon

Fullmoon taken with several close up photos at 4500mm to get a high res photo with nice contrast and colors.

lördag 29 augusti 2015

A nice Aurrora display in moonlight.

A very nice display of Northern lights in Vallentuna last night. Just went a couple of km from the house to get a clear low north the view was like this. Colors easily visible and the dancing Aurora too..

onsdag 26 augusti 2015

New photos from last weekend with my son

My sons favourite starcluster the Plejades M45 (Seven Sisters). This beautiful open starcluster is easily visible without optics, some might think it is the little Dipper because of the shape. This amazing cluster of stars lies only 440 ly away in the constellation of Taurus. These young stars (only 100million years old) will only stay together for about 250million years and then seperate and become individual stars in our galaxy. You can see blue instellar clouds around the stars in the photo. So it is a beautiful group of young stars that we can enjoy - so get out and do it Smiley smile! Canon 6D and 85mm lens.

Is it not amazing, to be able to see another galaxy without Optics! The galaxy of Andromeda M31 is a beautiful spiralgalaxy "only" 2,5 million ly away. If you know where to look you can see it without Optics At a dark location. Amazing, another Island of stars, probably another place with life and maybe someone is looking At our galaxy from there At the same way. If you look closely you can even see the satellite galaxy below it. Now, you don't see the galaxy like in this photo, the sensor in the camera capture much more, but you will see it as a fuzzy dim oval object in the sky. Photo taken with 85mm lens and Canon 6D.

Airglow and milkyway shots..

söndag 16 augusti 2015

Some Aurora activity

First Aurora for the season for me. I could see the green colors and pillars moving but I could not see the colors in the pillars. A little nice display outside Norrtälje last night.

lördag 15 augusti 2015

Perseid Meteorshower 2015 and Starry sky photos

Staying at the beautiful island of Gotland Sweden on vacation with my family. Of course we stayed during the Perseids which were taking place during great conditions with no moonlight. We choose the location at Holmhällar ancient coralreef called Raukar just by the ocean with dark sky in the south. One night we counted around 200 meteors during 2,5 hours. The Milkyway looked like a long cloud in the nightsky and amazing many stars. Me and my son Olle saw a Bolid too, low in the north like a firework in the sky, green and fragments falling behind - Beautiful!!
Of course I went around in the night photographing the starry sky too, one night the airglow were amazing, we saw the green colors!
And back home in Vallentuna with lightpolluted skies I captured another Perseid last night above Carpe Noctem Observatory