lördag 29 mars 2014

Lovely scenery with faint Aurora

I´ve tried to contact Google about the problems publishing photos here, they totally destroys the photos with their automatic settings!!

So to see all the new photos please visit: New photos

Another clear and nice night, this time with faint Aurora Borealis. Me and my father went out for another photosession to take TWAN-style photos. The best thing being a TWAN photographer is all the nice moments and locations you sometime finds.
This time by a calm lake with old oaks nearby, a feeling of a Tolkien scenery.

fredag 28 mars 2014

Bridget of Sweden with startrails

Photos at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridget_of_Sweden Saint Birgittas birthplace in Finsta Sweden. Borned back in 1303 and the statue is located near her cave where she had her visions and prayers. Time goes by...

måndag 24 mars 2014

Startrails at Carpe Noctem Observatory

Another clear night - amazing :-) This time I tried to photograph galaxies in Virgo and Draco, check out a photo of M87 at Carpe Noctem Observatory blog www.rymdbilder.se This photo shows startrails for about 90min during the exposure of M87.

fredag 21 mars 2014


Driving my car and noticed thin clouds coming in during afternoon sun and understood that it is time for halos, so I went home and picked up my photogear and took some shots of this solarhalo. Our star can create some lovely views too!

onsdag 19 mars 2014

Moon and planet Mars

Last night planet Mars and Moon were beside each other, photo shows the celestial pair in mist with some corona around the moon. Canon 6D and 85mm lens. And check out a new photo at Carpe Noctem observatory of Jupiter and Galilean moons Jupiter with moons

lördag 15 mars 2014

Almost fullmoon 99,3%

At last some clear skies although the clouds arrived again..
But I managed to get a shot of the moon rising beside an old oak nearby my house.
Tomorrow I really hope for clear skies to capture the fullmoon rising.

torsdag 13 mars 2014

Moonhalo and Jupiter

New photos at Carpe Noctem Observatory Moonhalo moonhalo and Jupiter above Carpe Noctem Observatory last night.

onsdag 12 mars 2014

The Golden Handle

Last night I enjoyed the Golden Handle on the moon. Sinus Iridum The Bay of Rainbows with sorrounding mountains is a beautiful sight in a telescope. To see the photo please visit my new blog Carpe Noctem Observatory
It impossible to publish photos at Blogger, they totally destroyes the photos with their photo sttings, I will try to contact them..

måndag 10 mars 2014

Some new photos

I pushed my NexStar11 at very high focallenght and I only have a DSLR so it is hard getting sharp photos at these focallenghts. Anyway, one shot shows planet Jupiter with a shadow from one of the moons, you can see the moon to the right, this is a single exposure. Another photo shows a close up photo of mountains (Apennines) at the moon, to the right of Mare Imbrium and another shot shows the halfmoon.
Unfortenaly Blogger destroyes the photos with some automatic photo adjustments??

torsdag 6 mars 2014

The Globular Cluster M13 - Klotformiga stjärnhopen M13

The great Globular cluster M13 in Hercules.

Den klotformiga stjärnhopen M13 i stjärnbilden Herkules. Denna hop kan man se med en liten kikare, jag kunde lätt hitta den med en 10x50 kikare. Hopen består av 100000 stjärnor och är 10 miljarder år gammal och den rör sig runt centrum genom gravitation. M13 ligger ca 23000 ljusår bort och klotformiga stjärnhopar ligger som en sfär runt vår galax Vintergatan och det finns ca 200 st. Bilden är tagen med en NexStar11 @ 2800mm och en Canon 600D i Carpe Noctem observatoriet.