måndag 6 oktober 2014

M57 The Ring Nebula

Despite moonlight I tried to photograph the Ring Nebula M57, a planetary nebula in Lyra. This dying star is located about 2500ly away and spans 2ly in diameter. About the Ring Nebula Photo taken with my Celestron NexStar11 GPS @2800mm and Canon 600D (modded).

fredag 3 oktober 2014

Galaxy NGC 891

Maybe someone out there is looking at our galaxy Milkyway like this..
NGC 891 lies in the constellation of Andromeda and the distance are around 30 million ly away.
Photo taken with a Celestron NexStar11 GPS @ 2800mm and Canon 600D in Carpe Noctem Observatory, guiding through Orion 100ED and Lacerta Stand Alone Guider.
Expos at iso 800 1600 3200 and 6min each, totlally around 90min.

torsdag 2 oktober 2014

The bright star Merope with nebulosity

Nebulosity around the bright star Merope in the open cluster M45, Plejades. You can also see the little gascloud IC349 just below the star. Photo taken with Celestron Nexstar 11 GPS @ 2800mm and Canon 600D.