måndag 6 januari 2014

10 favourite shots during 2013

Here comes 10 of my favourite photos from the year 2013.

Aurora Borealis in Vallentuna Sweden and I found a lovely location by the lake.

Wow, what a night, comet PanStarrs beside Andromedagalaxy in Tänndalen Sweden - a sight to remember!

Well, my APOD in 2013, comet Lovejoy through the window of Mörby castleruin Sweden.

A Perseid fireball by the eastcoast - a lovely time with my family.

This is a unique shot, the globular cluster M13, comet Lovejoy and a Geminid in the same photo with me and my father watching - great!!

Bauer forest with a magic pond and a starry sky, a great night with my children.

At last some deepsky photos now when my observatory are at place with a collimated N11 and an autoguider ready to photograph galaxies!!! The beautiful M51 Whirlpool galaxy.

What can I say, Aurora Borealis and Noctilucent clouds at the same time...:-)

Beautiful waves of Noctilucent clouds in Hedesunda Sweden.

Another Perseid striking in the Big Dipper and Aurora Borealis playing at Arholma island Sweden.

Wow, what a year, a comet year - very pleased with many photos. And thanks to the people who supports me, first of all my family, my father who joins me from time to time, "Silfver" who helps me out with many things, all the people who purchased my photos, private people, TV and magazines etc and to The World at Night (TWAN) who are a great international organization with very high skilled photographers.

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Anonym sa...

Vilka fantastiska bilder! Lycka till 2014! Gussekorven

Aase sa...

Underbara 10 favoriter ♥

Ha det allra bäst! Kram Aase

Kundeloyalitet sa...

If i am not mistaken i already seen the first photo.Cause in Denmark where i work as an telemarketing i mostly do outdoor activity like travelling in my near places and that place Aurora Borealis in Vallentuna is really a good place.