söndag 8 mars 2009

TWAN syns världen över

The World at Night projektet fortskrider och det är en hel del saker på gång, för att se några av de tillställningar TWAN har eller har haft läs nedan:

Schwenningen, Germany
2008 September 14
A small exhibition in the third International Astronomy Fair (AME 2008) in Germany was the starting point for TWAN events in Europe.

Delhi, India
October 2008
Night sky photography workshop and an exhibition in India mark the beginning of TWAN's major worldwide events for International Year of Astronomy 2009 and beyond.
Constantine, Algeria

November 2008
Small exhibition and educational presentation during the Algerian annual fair for popular astronomy (SALON 2008).

Paris, France
2009 January 15 - 25
Exhibition, large screen show, and presentations in the UNESCO headquarters during the official opening of International Year of Astronomy 2009 and IAU symposium 260 on "The Role of Astronomy in Society and Culture".

Berlin, Germany
2009 January 20 / February 2009
Large screen presentation and live music show for the International Year of Astronomy opening ceremony in Germany, at the Museum for Posts and Telecommunications in Berlin. An exhibition of TWAN images hold in the same venue during February 2009.

Seoul, Korea
2009 March 1 - 22
The first TWAN exhibition in East Asia in CheongGye Gallery in central Seoul.

Turin, Italy
March - April 2009
Major exhibition and large screen shows in Mirafiori Gallery, Turin, with the opening event on the beginning of Spring at 2009 March 21.

Cologne, Germany
2009 March 26 to April 14
Exhibition and presentations hosted by Globetrotter in cologne, one of the European largest outdoor, camping, and trekking stores. The event will include cosmic motion video shows and TWAN special large screen presentation on April 12.

Mississippi, USA
2009 March 31 - April 30
TWAN exhibition in the public library of the University of Mississippi. The exhibition opens with a special presentation by a TWAN-USA member, Wally Pacholka.

Stuttgart, Germany
2009 March 31 - May 17
Exhibition and large screen show at the well-known planetarium of Stuttgart. Special presentation by TWAN-Germany coordinator Gernot Meiser on April 3.

Antofagasta, Chile
April 2009
A traveling TWAN Exhibition in Chile which starts in Antofagasta, on April 2 to coincides 100 hours of Astronomy program. The exhibition is organized by European Southern Observatory (ESO) - Chile.

Perth, Australia
April 2009
Exhibition of TWAN images in Horizon Planetarium of Scitech, the main science museum of Perth, Western Australia.

Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil
April 2009
Exhibition, workshop and TWAN large screen show with a live orchestra performance during the second Astronomy and Astronautic International Meeting in Rio de Janeiro state of Brazil (2009 April 17-20).

Aiello del Friuli, Italy
May 2009
Exhibition of TWAN images that also coincides the fascinating annual sundial festival of Aiello.

Algiers, Algeria
June 2009
TWAN night sky photography workshop and exhibition in Palais de la Culture (the palace of culture) in collaboration with Algiers Observatory (CRAAG).

Bangkok, Thailand
2009 June 8-21
Exhibition and TWAN large screen show in collaboration with IYA2009-Thailand and National Science Museum

Birr, Ireland
2009 September 18 - 20
Exhibition and presentation during the Whirlpool Starparty at the world-famous Birr Castle, home to the giant 19th century telescope of Earl Ross.

Budapest, Hungary
2009 October 15 - 30
TWAN exhibition, educational lectures and large screen show in Hungarian National Museum in Budapest, in collaboration with IYA2009 national committee of Hungary.

Det känns rätt så kul och spännande att få vara delaktig i detta.
Roligt att få visa bilder världen över tagna från Sverige.

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